The assessment of the patient takes one hour and costs £50.


If the assessment shows that coloured lenses will be beneficial — which is the case at least 90% of the time in my experience — the customer may then place an order, or go away and think about it. There is no obligation to purchase. 


A pair of spectacles with either plain tinted lenses (for those who do not wear glasses or who normally wear contact lenses) or a pair of spectacles with tinted prescription lenses can then be ordered by the customer. 


The cost of this varies according to the type of frame etc. but is normally between £60 and £150.

We operate by appointment only and we are available at weekends (Sundays) as well as on some weekdays.



Evgenia was a total joy to work with. The whole process was very straightforward and easy and nothing was too much trouble. My daughter is really feeling the benefit of her green lenses! KC

The glasses have made a huge difference to William.  The headaches he was suffering in the neon lit classrooms have improved hugely improving his overall sense of wellbeing.  Thanks Evgenia ! JB

When I had my eyes tested by Ian Jordan and Evgenia  I didn’t think I would notice much. I didn’t think there was much wrong with my vision. Was I wrong! Surprisingly the right colour, yellow, had a big impact on my sense of balance, and in general on my other senses and helps me with my travel sickness. Whenever I go on a boat, public transportation or an airplane, I put my specs on and I feel much calmer and don’t get nauseous. My yellow glasses also help me with headaches, pain, tiredness etc. They do also improve my vision, it’s like I live in HD now with better binocular vision.

The testing itself was surprising, fun, easy. You also immediately feel if it works for you. KV